Business Sales and Acquisitions

At Aspect Legal, we provide specialised business sale and acquisition services that are based on a true understanding of the business sale and acquisition environment and draw on our extensive experience in this area.

We are business lawyers, with real business experience.

Our goal is to help you get your deal over the line with minimum fuss and optimal results.

Some Of Our Clients

For Sellers

Be prepared, and get the best deal possible for your sale.

For Buyers

We can assist you in getting a better understanding of the business that you are looking to acquire…

Our Experience

Decades of experience in advising large and small local and foreign companies to buy and sell businesses

Where Do I Begin?

We start with a free initial consultation that provides an in-depth discussion of your plans, the legal steps…

Our Services For Sellers

Preparing The Business For A Sale

We understand the importance of building your business up before a sale, to ensure that you can achieve the best possible outcome. We provide the following services to help prepare your business for a sale:

  • Independent review of your business’s legal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Consultation regarding changes from a legal perspective that could enhance a buyer’s confidence in your business, and thereby enhance your price!
  • Discuss structuring alternatives to minimise tax, protect your assets and efficiently distribute income.

Preparing Document In Readiness For A Sale

We provide helpful project management tools like checklists to help you understand the steps that will be involved in the sale, confidentiality agreements and draft sale agreements for potential purchasers, and we are experienced in drafting and advising on deal terms when a deal has been stuck.

Drafting And Negotiating The Sale Contract

We will review, draft, advise on and negotiate sale contracts and other relevant documentation to get the deal done.

Finalising The Deal With A Successful Commercial Outcome

We won’t rest until the deal is signed and the money is in your hands!

Our Services For Buyers

Our unique knowledge enables us to assist you in fully understanding the business that you are looking to acquire, including the risks involved and the long-term viability. Some of the servies we provide include:

Legal Audits And Due Diligence

To help you understand the business you are looking to buy, we can provide a legal audit and due diligence of key contracts and relationships, intellectual property, trade practices, industrial relations, property issues and other relevant areas. We can identify areas of exposure, and areas of potential hidden value that can be exploited.

Structuring Advice

Building and advising on the best business structure for the purchase.

Assisting In The Commercial Deal and The Sale Contract

Reviewing, advising on, amending, drafting and negotiating the sale contract and supporting documentation, and providing relevant advice so that you achieve the most successful commercial outcome.

Assistance In Building The Business Into The Future

The end of a purchase transaction means the beginning of a new chapter. We can help you to timetable strategies for protecting the business, commercialising relevant aspects of the business as it grows, and building in exit strategies for the future.

Our Experience

We are contract law specialists. We advise on a broad range of contract matters from contract management practices through to drafting, reviewing, advising on and negotiating complex as well as day-to-day documents. In the course of the last 25 years we have worked with local and foreign companies (both small and large) on a wide range of commercial contracts

We have also spent decades educating businesses and managers in the legal and negotiation elements of contracts and contract law – through our two-part contracts fundamentals for non-lawyers courses that have been attended by hundreds of people, including some of Australia’s largest companies and multinational organisations including: Proctor & Gamble, HCF, RSPCA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cochlear, Mantra, Siemens, Sigma, Reckitt Benckiser, Astra Zeneca, and many more.

When you deal with Aspect Legal, you are dealing with the experts.

Feedback From Our Clients

Here are few things our clients are saying about us:

“Dealing with you was an absolute pleasure for me and I found you to be very down to earth, a good listener and a good explainer. I felt you genuinely had my best interest at heart and I know I was represented by the best. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to others”


Recruitment industry

“I have been working with Aspect Legal for 3 years on both internal and client projects. They are an amazing team of efficiency and professionalism while being real and incredibly approachable. One of the largest benefits I have found is having the confidence to forward my clients on directly to the firm without having any hesitation that they will be looked after to the high standard they are used to receiving while working with our business. I could not recommend them more highly!”


Marketing and Design Agency

“The team at Aspect Legal bent over backwards to help in everyway they could and have helped to pave the footpath to achieving my dream.”


Childcare industry

“Thanks for all your fantastic assistance in this matter, you handled it very expertly. I look forward to staying in touch and using your services on an ongoing basis”


Recruitment Industry

“My experience in employing Aspect Legal to prepare my business purchase agreement was great. Your staff are very professional and my documents were delivered in a timely manner. I also appreciated the information package which was sent afterwards. It provided me with some really helpful information about my expectations, some Plain English legal advice and the other types of services you can offer. As a business owner, this also demonstrates to me your preparedness to provide a high level of service. I also appreciated the birthday card. :-)”


Professional Services Business

“Thank you for all the help you’ve given me. More success to your company!”


Property Services

“You guys are the best”


Aerial photography and development

“We greatly appreciate everything you have done for us over the last couple of years and it has not been lost on me how generous you have all been.”


Software and Technology Development

HHMC Case Study

HHMC closes with Aspect Legal

As a principal of HHMC, guiding both public and private recruitment agencies through acquisition and exit assignments, Richard Hayward has worked extensively with his fair share of legal representatives. He continues to be drawn to Aspect Legal not only to represent his own business, but to offer and recommend its counsel to his clients as they progress through equity transactions.

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Where Do I Begin?

Aspect Legal offers a number of services to help sellers and prospective buyers

We start with a free initial consultation that provides an in-depth discussion of your plans, the legal steps involved in a sale or purchase, the timeline for each step, and the other items you should be considering. We are highly experienced in undertaking sale and purchase transactions from end to end.

We can be involved from early discussions on structuring and planning through to the transition and integration of the acquired business. Once you have started down the transaction path, we will work closely with you and your appointed advisers to ensure an integrated approach to the transaction. We can provide checklists and regular updates throughout the process and keep you fully informed about timelines, what we are doing, and what you need to be doing.

If you would like to get started with a free consultation or a discussion with us about your matter, click on one of the buttons below