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Recently, we talked to a business owner who didn’t get the right documentation in place in a joint venture agreement. When the partnership ended badly, it cost him $250,000

Another entrepreneur we spoke with failed to follow a simple process when he rebranded. This tiny mistake left him tens of thousands of dollars worse off.

A third business ended up in insolvency, and the directors were chased for their personal assets by the liquidator, because of a few simple mistakes they made that would have been easy to avoid.

Why Do Many Small Businesses Make
Costly Legal Mistakes As They Grow

The reason that many businesses run into legal issues when they expand is simple.

In all the excitement of increased sales, more clients and bigger profits, legal systems can often get overlooked.

Contracts and procedures that were perfectly fine for a startup become outdated and unsuitable.

It’s a common issue, one we see regularly.

But It Means You Could Be Sitting On A
Legal Time Bomb And Not Even Know It

The good news is that you can start fixing these problem today.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Aspect Legal is one of Australia’s leading commercial legal firms. Our team has more than 50 years’ combined expertise helping fast growing businesses.

Not only that, we also have entrepreneurial experience and have held directorships in a range of industries including finance, accounting, and web-based businesses.

This first-hand knowledge gives us a unique perspective of the challenges and opportunities of small business owners. This is a perspective you will rarely get from other legal firms.

Now you can take advantage of knowledge for your business by securing your complimentary check up today.

Here Are Some Of The Topics
We Can Help Your Business With

  • How to get paid on time and every time by clients. What you can do today to deal with tardy payers and excuse makers.
  • Are you making this simple mistake that forced a scaffolding business into bankruptcy? It’s only a ‘small print’ error in contracts, but it can leave you open to ‘bank account emptying’ problems.
  • Why hiring contractors nearly cost a business owner $2.5 million. And what you must do instead in this new ‘outsourcer’ economy.
  • Changing your branding or trademark soon? This single phone call can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • 2 steps every small business should take to protect against aggressive litigation. They helped one of our small clients win a $230,000 case against an aggressive corporate giant.
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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Thank you for the terrific work on the legal documentation; it really helps us. Thanks again for the time, focus and support you are providing to our business.”

“As well as resolving the current situation, there are clearly several other things for us to sort out, so thanks for alerting me to that.”

“Thank you very much for all your precious help and your support this year. Your smart advices have really made a difference in our business.”

In fact, our easy-to-follow advice means that many of Australia’s leading businesses choose us including:

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