Introducing the Aspect legal service where

You get a lawyer on the phone when you need it for one low monthly retainer.

Laywer On-Tap

Legal Express is a revolutionary commercial legal advice hotline service for businesses, so you have a lawyer to call whenever you need it.

  • Low Rates For Easy Budgeting
  • For less than the cost of a coffee a day, you can have ongoing access to our team of highly experienced lawyers, to help guide you whenever you need it. Reduce legal fee surprises.

  • Easy Access

Its like road side assistance for your business – a membership that gives you access to legal professionals to answer questions on the spot, when you need it most.

It is nice to be able to get a fast verification from an expert when it comes to legal matters.

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  • How Much ?
  • Legal express starts from
    only $135 + GST per month

Why we built this service ?

A plan that makes sense

We devised this revolutionary new service in response to the feedback we have received from the business community that businesses want a lawyer on hand to answer questions as they come up, without having to worry about the cost they may end up paying from a discussion with their lawyer.


We take away the cost fear, and give you cost transparency. For the one fixed monthly fee, you know you have a lawyer on the end of the line to help provide the answers you need, when you need it.

Examples of issues our legal hotline
can help you with

  • Problems with delinquent debtors, and don’t know what to do?
  • Want to terminate an employee but don’t know what process to follow?
  • Not sure how to ensure your ex employees don’t poach your clients?

  • Not sure how to protect your business name, or other intellectual property
  • Have a dispute and not sure of your right?
  • Employing a contractor or staff member, and not sure what to look out for?

  • Dealing with a contract, and need advice on a clause?
  • Looking to enter a joint venture, and not sure what to look out for?
  • Gearing up for a sale or looking to purchase another business, and don’t know the process, or how to get prepared?

We can provide immediate expert professional advice on all of these areas, and any other commercial legal issues you may be suffering.

How it works ?

How it works:

  • Each time you have an issue that you need to speak to a lawyer about, simply book an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers, and we will guide you to the answer.
  • When you subscribe to the hotline service, you will be provided with a customer number, and our hotline booking kit.

COST: $135 +GST per month

  • No lock in
  • Your service contract is cancellable at any time

Need help working out if this is right for you?

Call our Hotline enquiry service on :
02 8006 0830
or book a time to speak to us about it here