Want to Make Sure Your Contracts Actually Work for You, While Avoiding Costly Disputes?

Discover How to Set Up Contracts for Better Performance and Less Risk

Join Contract Law Expert Joanna Oakey for a 2-Day Seminar to Gain the Insight, Information, and Clarity You Need to Effectively Negotiate, Prepare and Manage Contracts

  • Overwhelmed by all the contracts piling up on your desk?
  • Afraid of putting your company at risk because you don’t fully understand the fine print on a contract?
  • Wish somebody would just explain it all simply so you could minimise the risk of exposure?

Dealing with Contracts Just Got Easier

Many Australian organisations struggle to fully understand the content of contracts and where to look for potential risks – which results in frustrating issues that could have been avoided.

That’s why we’ve put together an engaging 2-part seminar that focusses on the negotiation, preparation and management of contracts, and will show you how to set up contracts that work for you!

If you’re ready to say “goodbye” to the hassle, anxiety, and confusion you face with contracts, then we’d like to invite you to register today for these 2 easy-to-follow 1-day courses.


Contract Law for Non-Lawyers

How to Minimise Risks and Make Contracts Work for You
An engaging two-part seminar

held over two days by Contracts expert and practicing lawyer, Joanna Oakey (B Media LLB (Hons)).

Proactively assists professionals

in understanding and managing the risks involved in the contracting process.

Provides actionable checklists

and practical tools, tips, and tricks to help you minimise risk while ensuring the success of your contracts and business relationships.

About the speaker
Joanna Oakey

Joanna is the Director of Aspect Legal, a progressive legal company focused on providing a proactive and innovative approach to the law. She has experience working with a large and diverse portfolio of organizations in the area of contract law, and she has conducted seminars throughout Australia in contract law, compliance, and the Trade Practices Act.

Drawing from key experiences in multiple jurisdictions (including Australia and the United Kingdom), Joanna provides a range of proactive and commercially driven services to assist compliance officers, procurement officers, and business managers in all facets of legal business risk.

Through Joanna’s down-to-earth delivery and engaging teaching methods, you can be sure to walk away from this 2-day course with a clearer understanding of contract law and how it applies to your business.

Part 1: Cornerstone of Contract Law

The Fundamentals of Enforceable Contracts

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • An easy-to-follow breakdown of the concepts of contract law, and step-by-step instructions for keeping your organisation out of trouble.
  • What makes a contract enforceable and critical terms that you need to include to protect your company.
  • ​Certainty of terms: What are the terms of the contract? What impact do negotiations have on the terms?
  • How to make sure you keep your suppliers to their promises – and how to craft the best SLAs and KPI measures.
  • ​When to use MOUs, Heads of Agreement and Letters of Intent, and what each term really means.
  • The different forms of contracts and which type of agreement you should use.
  • Common traps and how to deal with them: Including rollover (evergreen) contracts, standard form contracts, battle of the forms (when PO and Invoice terms are different), liquidated damages, force majeure, etc.
  • ​Workshop session on problems brought to the table by attendees.

Part 2 : Advanced Contract Law

Making Contracts Work for You

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • An in-depth look at liability and indemnity clauses: Find out what they mean and get valuable tips and tricks for properly dealing with them.
  • How to terminate an underperforming contract and what to be aware of before you do it.
  • ​Intellectual property considerations: How to protect your own IP, what to do with IP issues in a contract and more.
  • ​Contract checklist: what to include in your contracts, and what to watch out for in negotiations.
  • Using templates: going through templates and discussing practical approaches to efficient template use (including fall back provisions, and how to create them).
  • Remedies for contract breach and tips on contracting with remedies in mind.


  • ​Key contract terms, such as liquidated damages, consequential loss, and force majeure and how to understand them in a way that empowers you to put them into practical action.
  • Information regarding emerging trends, real-life examples, legislative considerations, and the opportunity to work through your own contract examples and ask your most pressing questions.

Some of our past attendees

I would recommend these seminars because they are interactive and useful. I learnt about new legislation and useful provisions to add to contracts.

What I liked best about the seminar is the interactive nature of the course and Joanna's excellent manner. Consequential losses and liquidated damages are a bit clearer now.

Hannah Bodily
Previous Attendee

It gave me an overview of what to look for: what to prevent; risk in general, and what to look out for when dealing with my suppliers.

Charles Thaikattil
Previous Attendee

You Don't Need to Become a Lawyer
to Finally Be Clear on Contracts

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