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Preparing a Business for a Successful Sale

February 15, 2022 - February 15, 2024

Preparing a Business for a Successful Sale

In this free webinar, Joanna Oakey (Aspect Legal), Martin Lo Surdo (MMJ Business Sales & Acquisitions), and Andrew Webb (Webb Financial) will drill into what business owners need to do to prepare for a future sale, how to get the best sale value, how to reduce tax, and more.

What will be covered:

  •   What is your business really worth? Why might different professionals value your business differently?
  •   Is your lease an asset or a liability?
  •   How do you minimise tax at sale?
  •   What are the critical legal steps you need to do in advance?
  •   The red flags to avoid your deal falling over
  •   And more

The Speakers:

Joanna Oakey

Aspect Legal

Seasoned commercial lawyer and deal maker with a passion for business, who has worked with hundreds of businesses during her 2 decades in the industry, as they are acquiring and exiting, Managing Director of Aspect Legal, and host of Australia’s top M&A legal podcast (The Deal Room).

Martin Lo Surdo

Martin Lo Surdo

MMJ Business Sales & Acquisitions

Head of Business Sales & Acquisitions at MMJ Real Estate, who merged his successful business with the MMJ brand in 2019 to create a commercial real estate powerhouse in Illawarra

Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb

Webb Financial

Andrew regularly advises business owners on buying and selling businesses. This can include covering off all the important tax related issues, reviewing opportunities, liaising with legal experts and generally being across the full commercial process of buying or selling a business.

Preparing a Business for a Successful Sale

The inside legal, accounting and broking (L.A.B.) secrets for business sale that no one has ever told you before

The Companies Behind the Speakers:


Aspect Legal is a commercial legal firm that specialises in helping growing businesses acquire, consolidate for growth by building a fortress around their assets, and eventually exit in a way that draws the optimal value they deserve out of their business.

Aspect Legal has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

MMJ Global

Originally established as a family company, and now with over 50 years in business, MMJ Real Estate MMJ has always been driven by the desire to provide the widest range of real estate services to the industry.

MMJ focuses on building long term relationships with a wide variety of clients to provide an integrated, tailored service that is effective and delivers the best possible outcomes.

webb financial

Webb Financial is home to Wollongong’s specialist business accountants and financial advisers.

With over 80 years of diverse combined experience, Webb Financial are your first class partner for accounting and financial advisory services.

B1G1 Malawi

When you register to this webinar, we contribute on your behalf a month of Life Saving Grain Seeds to nourish a child in Malawi. Click here to see our other projects.


February 15, 2022
February 15, 2024


Aspect Legal
MMJ Business Sales & Acquisitions
Webb Financial