We provide a range of proactive and commercially driven services to assist compliance officers, procurement officers and business managers in all facets of legal business risk.

We provide advice on the common traps to avoid in the area of procurement.

We specialise in finding ways to reduce the cost and time involved in the contracting process.

We want to support you in getting your contracts through with the least risk, and the least fuss.

We also get very practical with you on the important elements in ensuring that your outcomes of the contract are achieved; for example by ensuring that service levels are tied to remedies, so you don’t have to suffer poor performing arrangements without a way out.

Aspect Legal provides, among other procurement services:

  • Review of internal contracts and documentation – review, assess and provide suggestions for documents such as terms and conditions, credit applications, confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, supply agreements, master agreements, services level agreements ensuring internal consistency
  • Review, and development, of contract management procedures to provide certainty and protect future exposure
  • Review of external contracts – highlighting areas of exposure, suggesting areas for amendments, highlight areas for review
  • Review of existing agreements – for compliance by both parties with service levels, termination dates and criteria, critical dates and critical obligations
  • Monthly retainers which provides our clients with the following benefits:
    • Far reduced risk of being sued
    • Stronger positioning for enforcing your rights
    • Internal consistency of documents – making your document process safer, easier to manage, and with an increased ability to draw benefit
    • Achieve greater returns and performance from current contracts (ensuring that service levels are enforced).
    • Provide options for enabling termination of non performing contracts
    • Protect your intellectual property