[EP 011] Today we learn, tomorrow we earn with Richard Hayward, HHMC
Make your business more valuable at sale with these five key tips from mergers and acquisitions expert Richard Hayward of HHMC Global. In this episode, we’ll help you identify where you stand right now and what action steps you should take to get to that point where you have a business that is an attractive sale proposition.
[EP 010] Promised the World, Delivered an Atlas: Handling (and avoiding!) Business Sale Disappointments with Jon Hemming
Jon Hemming shares helpful insights for businesses looking to sell, brokers dealing with high sale value expectations, and accountants handling businesses gearing up for sale.
[EP 009] The Language of Leasing: What You Need to Know in any Business Sale Transaction with Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee joins us again for another exciting area of the business sale or purchase process - Property Leasing! We talk about why it's important to check property leases and other key considerations.
[EP 008] Rise of the (Super) Models Part 2: How Financial Modelling Can Benefit Your Business with Michael Hutchens
Michael Hutchens continues our two-part series and goes into detail about the ways in which financial modelling helps businesses plan for the future. We discuss the benefits and some action items to help you get started in this area.
[EP 007] Rise of the (Super) Models Part 1: How Financial Modelling Can Benefit Your Business with Michael Hutchens
Welcome to the amazing world of financial modelling! This is the first episode of a special two-part series with Michael Hutchens of Modano. Learn about his software and the nuances of financial modelling in sales and acquisitions transactions.
[EP 006] Nail the Sale Part 2: Preparing your Business for Sale with Rod Hore, HHMC
Welcome to part 2 of our back-to-back series on preparing your business for sale with Rod Hore of HHMC. In this episode, we focus on medium and large businesses, how to identify them and the top five areas to get your business in a sale-ready state.
[EP 005] Nail the Sale Part 1: Preparing your Business for Sale with Rod Hore, HHMC
In this episode Rod Hore of HHMC joins us as we talk about preparing small service businesses for sale. We talk about challenges in selling, options available, deal structure and a number of other top issues to consider when gearing up for a successful sale transaction.
[EP 004] Sale of the Century: Legal Tips To Prime Your Business For Market
Elizabeth Lee, who heads up our Commercial Law and Acquisitions Division at Aspect Legal, talks about the legal elements in preparing for the sale of the business for owners and managers of businesses gearing up for exit.
[EP 003] Setting the Stage Part 2 : Important Lessons From Recent Cases
To complete our three-part podcast launch series, we identify important reminders for purchasers and their advisers in the area of misleading and deceptive conduct, employment issues, and reasonableness of restraints, among other things.
[EP 002] Setting the Stage Part 1 : Important Lessons From Recent Cases
In this episode, we run through an overview of the 2016 cases that hit the courts relating to misleading and deceptive conduct in a business sale and discuss the important lessons for sellers, their accountants, and their brokers.
[EP 001] Welcome to The Deal Room podcast
Welcome to The Deal Room podcast. I'm Joanna Oakey, and this is our very first episode. I'm really excited! I love the area of business sale. It's fascinating, fast moving and often action packed.

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