[EP 004] Sale of the Century: Legal Tips To Prime Your Business For Market
Elizabeth Lee, who heads up our Commercial Law and Acquisitions Division at Aspect Legal, talks about the legal elements in preparing for the sale of the business for owners and managers of businesses gearing up for exit.
[EP 003] Setting the Stage Part 2 : Important Lessons From Recent Cases
This is the last episode in a three part podcast launch series for the Deal Room podcast. In this episode, we will delve a bit into the details of the 2016 cases. We'll identify important reminders for purchasers and their advisers in the area of misleading and deceptive conduct, employment issues, and reasonableness and enforceability of restraints, among other things.
[EP 002] Setting the Stage Part 1 : Important Lessons From Recent Cases
In this episode, we run through an overview of the 2016 cases that hit the courts relating to misleading and deceptive conduct in a business sale and discuss the important lessons for sellers, their accountants, and their brokers.
[EP 001] Welcome to The Deal Room podcast
Welcome to The Deal Room podcast. I'm Joanna Oakey, and this is our very first episode. I'm really excited! I love the area of business sale. It's fascinating, fast moving and often action packed.

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