Brand Protection & IP

We specialise in providing trademark registrations, and general advice on brand protection and commercialisation for companies and individuals based anywhere in the world.

But we do more than just trademark registrations; we work with our clients on a range of issues to assist them in making their trademarks work for them – by providing answers to questions like:

  • How much your brand is really worth, and how to reflect that value in your balance sheet?
  • Why you should protect your brand?
  • How you can structure your business and your brand protection so that your assets are secured?


At Aspect Legal, we specialise in providing you with:

  • Logo protection
  • Brand protection
  • Structuring – for asset protection and tax minimisation
  • Brand valuations
  • Making money from your brand through commercialising, licensing, franchising etc
  • Enforcing your trademark


As specialists in this area, we are well-equipped to manage your trade mark portfolio – whether it consists of brands, words, logos, signs, shapes, colours, sounds and scents – in the following ways:

  • Advising generally on your legal rights associated with your trademarks or trade names
  • Conducting comprehensive trade mark searches to ensure the availability and registerability of your proposed trade mark
  • Preparing and filing trade mark applications in Australia and overseas
  • responding to examination reports and prosecuting trade mark applications to registration
  • Renewals
  • Conducting opposition and non-use proceedings
  • Enforcing your registered trade mark in cases of infringement
  • Licensing, assignments and other commercial arrangements
  • Effecting the acquisition and disposal of trade marks in commercial transactions
  • Business and company name advice and registration
  • Providing domain name advice, registrations and transfers
  • IP Audits


We pride ourselves on our integrated approach to the proper management of your trade mark portfolio.