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Keep on top of the legal world with Aspect Legal’s wide range of topical articles, eBooks and cheat sheets. These products have been designed to add real value to our clients and their businesses.


Our experienced legal team regularly publishes articles and updates on a wide range of legal topics.


Our free eBooks provide detail about the important issues you should be considering at critical stages of the business lifecycle – including :

  • Preparing for the sale of your business – The top 7 legal considerations
  • Buying a business – A guide to closing the deal
  • Director’s duties – A simple guide for busy directors


Cheat Sheets

Download one of our free cheatsheets on areas of law that will assist you to manage and run your business. Our current cheet sheet range includes :

  • Tips for avoiding unfair dismissal allegations
  • Strategies for avoiding problem debtors
  • Is your Independent contracting a Sham?
  • How to create branding that can be protected
  • A Simple Guide to Compliance with Australian Privacy Laws