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Spotlight Series – Shareholder Agreements in Focus

Becoming a shareholder is effectively acquiring part of a business (or divesting part of your own business).
This business structure has scenarios that need clarity around issues such as
– Who does what? How do we measure that?
– Who gets what? When?
– Who decides… and what happens if we don’t agree?
… it’s a lot to think about. Your Shareholders Agreement is the single source of truth on matters like this – and it’s a document that should be implemented properly and revisited regularly.

5 stories

In this series you’ll find several resources to help you understand the ins and outs of Shareholder Agreements, common considerations, issues and how to ensure you’re protecting yourself and your investment.
Don’t forget – our legal eagles are ready to help if you’d like to speak with a lawyer about becoming a shareholder, updating your current Shareholder’s Agreement, or a concern with it.

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