Privacy Pack and Privacy Act Compliance Services

New changes to the Privacy Act commenced in March 2014. These changes marked a substantial development in Australia’s approach to privacy, and have created a stir among business.

However, we have noticed that many businesses don’t realise that they are caught, and are now non-compliant.

A failure to comply with the new legislation can result in fines of up to $1.7million for companies, and of up to $340,000 for sole traders and other entities, so a failure to comply with these new laws could be extremely costly.

In response to a number of client requests we have developed a fixed price Privacy Pack for businesses who want to ensure that they are compliant with the new legislation, to make the changes as easy and affordable as possible.

Our Privacy Pack includes the following items to get your business compliant:

  • Provision of a questionnaire – to help us draft up the items that you will need to be compliant
  • A new privacy policy – or update of your existing policy if you prefer, so that it is compliant with the new legislation
  • A privacy collection statement – tailored to your business, and instructions on how, where and when to use it
  • A direct marketing opt out notice – and instructions on how, where and when to use it
  • A simple guide for complying with the new legislation – so you know what you and your staff need to do to comply
  • A teleconference or meeting – so we can answer any questions you may have

We also provide a number of other privacy services, including tailored advice and in-house training.

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