Employment Law

Major changes in the area of industrial relations means that this is an area that will be under heavy scrutiny now.

  • Do you currently follow the laws correctly in hiring and firing?
  • Are your company policies in line with new OH & S requirements?
  • Could you be using a longer probationary period?
  • What systems do you currently have in place that may be infringing workplace surveillance laws, potentially exposing you to criminal penalties?


Aspect Legal’s employment law services:

  • Employment health-check – Aspect Legal has put together a simple product to review your current human resources policies and procedures to provide you with a full report on areas of compliance and non-compliance with legislative requirements, areas of exposure (to enable you to put in place protective measures before it costs you money) and areas of potential value. Aspect Legal’s Employment health-check combines pro-activity with business understanding to help you get the most out of your workforce
  • General advice on legal obligations
  • Provisions of tailored documents such as employment agreements and company policies