[EP 001] Welcome to The Deal Room podcast

The Deal Room Podcast, Joanna Oakey, Aspect Legal, Business Sale and Purchase, Merges and Acquisitions

In this episode I'll be giving you a brief background about me and why I decided to launch this podcast. But I will also share what you can expect from our future episodes.

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Episode Highlights:

00:35 Welcome to the Deal Room podcast

01:04 About Your Host

01:38 About the Podcast

02:16 Our Target Audience

02:56 Tell Us What You Want to Hear

04:07 What’s Up Next?

About your host

So as a bit of background, I’m a lawyer. I head up the legal practice Aspect Legal. We work regularly in the area of business sale and purchase transactions and see matters playing out at the coalface. We see elements that make transactions a real success for everyone involved. But we also see the pitfalls and traps when things go wrong. I thought it was about high time I shed some of this information with advisers that work in the area and with businesses that are coming into the area of sale or purchase for the first time or maybe for multiple times.


About the podcast

But this podcast series isn’t going to be about the legal aspects of doing business sale deals. We’ll be interviewing industry advisers and owners and managers of buying and selling organizations to give a unique perspective of both the sell side and the buy side. We will be talking with people who have sold their businesses that they’ve built up for years. We’ll be talking to buyers. We’ll be talking to all sorts of advisers that are involved in the process in the aim of giving anyone with an interest in business sale and purchase an avenue of learning more about the traps and tips for successful transactions.


The Deal Room Podcast, Joanna Oakey, Aspect Legal, Business Sale and Purchase, Merges and Acquisitions


Our Target Audience

So, if you’re a professional involved in sales and acquisitions activity, for example if you’re a broker accountant business financier or other professional business advisor, this podcast is for you.

If you advise businesses that might be at the point of sale one day, if your financial adviser advising people who run businesses, once again, we’ve got information that will be important for you to understand. And finally, if you’re an owner or manager in a business that’s looking to expand by acquisition or that is building to sell in the future, we also have lots of insights for you coming up.


Tell Us What You Want to Hear

We’ve got a really interesting line-up coming up over the next few months in the launch phase of this podcast. But we also want to tailor this information to you, our listener. What do you want to hear about? What do you want us to talk about? What, who do you want us to interview? I really want to hear your preferences. So please drop me a line personally at joanna[at]aspectlegal[dot]com[dot]au and tell me what you want to hear. Or head over to our website at thedealroompodcast.com. So that’s thedealroompodcast.com.

At that site, we’re going to have a whole heap of information for you. We’re going to have resources, we’ll have places that you can contact our lawyers if you’d like to have a free chat about how we can assist you or your clients and they’ll also be an area where you can drop us a line in relation to what you want to hear.

Thank you for listening in to our very first episode of the Deal Room podcast. You just heard a brief background about me Joanna Oakey your host and why I’m launching this podcast. And I really hope you’re excited to hear more.


What’s Up Next?

In the next episode, I’m going to give a quick overview of some really interesting cases that appeared in the courts last year relating to business sale and purchases. The reason I’m doing this is because understanding what hit the courts gives us a bit of an overview of the examples of what’s gone spectacularly wrong and a few insights into the way we can all protect ourselves from the many traps along the way. Because the important thing to understand is that most arguments and issues don’t end up in court and the ones that do end up in court give us a really good insight about the real life risks that are out there in this sale and acquisitions environment. Then after today’s episode and the next episodes, we’re going to start to head out to the street and talk to advisers involved in the process and businesses who have bought and sold. So buckle in for an interesting ride!

I hope you’ll be back to join us in Episode 2 to hear about those important lessons coming from the courts. But in the meantime, please show us your love by leaving us a review on iTunes today. We’ll give back the love by giving away a bottle of Moet to the first six people that leave us a stellar review on iTunes. In order to get your bottle of Moet, after leaving us a review in iTunes, pop us an email to promotions[at]aspectlegal[dot]com[dot]au with your name and Australian postal address. This promo applies for everyone listening within Australia only. This offer closes August 31, 2017.

See you on the next episode!

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